Project Overview

Building upon our longstanding partnership with Williams Energy, which has historically focused on producing, planning, and streaming their Analyst Day event at the New York Stock Exchange, we were entrusted to expand their event portfolio. Leveraging our deep-rooted relationship and extensive experience, Williams Energy engaged us to orchestrate the development of a dynamic multi-day event known as the Clean Energy Expo. This ambitious endeavor introduced a diverse array of components, including a comprehensive lineup of tradeshow exhibitors, thought-provoking panel discussions, esteemed guest speakers, and engaging live event presentations spanning across two days. Through meticulous planning and seamless execution, we facilitated an immersive and enriching experience that elevated Williams Energy's presence in the clean energy sector while fostering valuable connections and insights within the industry.


Services Provided

  • Event Production
  • Stage Design
  • Tradeshow Planning
  • Exhibitor Booths
  • On-site Cinematographer for Highlight Shooting
  • On-site Highlight Edit
  • Video Editing
  • Live Streaming

Stage Design

Stage design is so important in creating a lasting impression at events. Collaborating closely with each of our clients, we strive to develop stage designs that strike the perfect balance between delivering a 'wow' factor and adhering to budget constraints. Our experienced technical director carefully evaluates the requirements of each case, determining whether traditional projection or LED walls would best suit the event's needs. Based on this analysis, we then craft several stage concepts tailored to fit within the client's budget. Utilizing advanced rendering techniques, we transform these concepts into visual representations, allowing our clients to envision the final stage setup before execution. From concept to execution, we are committed to bringing our clients' ideas to life, ensuring that their events leave a lasting impact on attendees.

Project Stats


Live Stream Views






Gamification Enabled Session


In collaboration with Williams Energy, we embarked on the creation of bespoke tradeshow booth options tailored to the unique needs of their exhibitors. Our dedicated account executives served as liaisons, working closely with each exhibitor to gather their requirements and preferences. Drawing upon this insight, we customized their booth experiences, providing all necessary equipment and enhancements to ensure a seamless and impactful presence at the Clean Energy Expo. With meticulous attention to detail, our on-site team executed our carefully drawn plans, ensuring that every exhibitor was set up for success.

On-Site Highlight Editing

At The B2Group, we understand that capturing the essence and energy of an event extends far beyond its duration. That's why we prioritize the presence of an onsite highlight shooter at all our events. Armed with an eye for detail and a knack for storytelling, our dedicated shooter captures the most captivating, exhilarating, and informative moments as they unfold. To ensure that these highlights are not just captured but also seamlessly integrated into the event experience, we go a step further by deploying an onsite editor. This allows us to edit the footage in real-time, curating a dynamic and impactful video that can be showcased during the Opening Session on the final day of the event. Beyond the immediate impact, these highlight videos hold enduring value, serving as powerful promotional tools that encapsulate the essence and excitement of the event for years to come.

Live Streaming

Despite the fading memory of Covid lockdowns, our clients continue to recognize the enduring value of live streaming events to engage a broader audience and amplify their message. Collaborating with Williams Energy, we devised a comprehensive live streaming strategy to ensure that their Analyst Day event reached and resonated with a wide audience. Our approach encompassed live camera recording of sessions and seamless live streaming capabilities, enabling analysts and investors unable to attend in person to access critical information and insights in real-time. By leveraging technology to transcend physical barriers, we facilitated inclusive participation and ensured that the event's valuable content reached its intended audience, irrespective of location or circumstance.