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Crafting Experiences:

We redefine possibilities through our cross-disciplinary approach. By blending talents and perspectives, we cultivate an environment where creativity knows no bounds. This synergy isn’t just a strategy; it’s a commitment to crafting experiences that transcend conventional norms. The projects we undertake are

more than just a culmination of skills; they are a testament to the deep, lasting relationships we build. Whether it’s within our team, with our clients, or with your audience, our commitment to forging meaningful connections ensures that the experiences we create resonate on a profound level.


Meet the team

Ben Brownback

Principal, Executive Producer

Ben is the visionary principal for The B2Group, with over 20 years of experience in event production and media. A seasoned professional with a passion for building connections, he continues to blaze our trail towards excellence. As a devoted and proud father and NHL Vegas Golden Knights superfan, Ben brings refreshing energy and commitment to both family and fandom.

With an approachable nature and a relentless focus on innovation and growth, Ben fosters a thriving environment for his employees – his inspirational leadership style empowers the team to embrace new challenges and unleash their full potential.

Hobbies: Travel. NHL. Hosting Parties. Rom-Coms. Staying Classy.

Hannah Fraser

Vice President, Live Events & Media

With a proven track record of success in producing flawless events for Fortune 500 clients ranging from 200 to 10,000 participants, Hannah is the driving force behind the production of annual meetings, conferences, awards galas, and product launches. She also guides our talented media team, supporting client needs for event-related videos and graphics. In addition, she ensures the team delivers on client communication and marketing projects.

As the team’s motivational anchor, Hannah is the glue that keeps the production and media teams on track and working together effectively, seamlessly, and enthusiastically! Hannah champions creativity, ensuring our teams push the envelope and flourish in a vibrant, progressive work environment.

Hobbies: Movies. Reading. Podcasts. Board Games. Traveling to Westeros in the Winter.

Ryley Dacome

Account Executive

Drawing on her graphic arts background, Ryley blends her creativity with the precision required for event planning. Her composed demeanor shines as she takes the lead as account manager, ensuring meticulous event coordination, project management, and flawless execution. A dedicated planner, Ryley works with the production team to craft unforgettable experiences, while forging lasting client relationships.

Ryley is our trusted go-to professional for helping to consistently ensure smooth and memorable events.

Hobbies: Concerts. Audiobooks. Horror Movies. Yoga. Fashion Design. T-Rex Taming.

Kristen Robertson

Account Executive

Kristen supports our production team’s objectives for seamless experiences, helping coordinate the plans that result in memorable realities. Beyond the logistics, Kristen works with clients with a genuine, sincere interest in their goals. Her active involvement in client meetings demonstrates her commitment to understanding and elevating each project. Kristen is coordinating, collaborating, and customizing… infusing every endeavor with her expertise and enthusiasm. She also plays a pivotal role in shaping The B2Group’s commitment to giving back, spearheading the coordination of our team’s exciting volunteer initiatives.

What sets Kristen apart is her lively spirit, openness, and infectious joy. She transforms routine tasks into fun adventures, making every meeting a collection of cherished moments.

Hobbies: Anything Xmas. Champagne. Crafting. Volunteering. Binge-Watching Chicago Fire.

Laurie Lee

Business Development & Special Projects

Laurie is our behind-the-scenes navigator, contributing to business development, event planning and media project initiatives. With a rich background of over 20 years in account management, Laurie has consistently demonstrated proficiency navigating complex challenges. Readily embracing special projects with minimal direction, she ensures that every element seamlessly falls into place.

Her role further extends to communications projects, where she contributes to creating copy that resonates and connects. She stands out as a reliable and resourceful asset, ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way.

Hobbies: Hiking. Dogs. Sports. Travel. Hot Yoga. Spelling Bees.

Erika Ueno

Sr. Multimedia Specialist & Media Manager

With Erika, passion meets purpose in her role at The B2G. As a skilled video editor, videographer, and cinematographer, Erika leads and inspires (read: “herds the cats”) our media team to design and produce exceptional media. She consistently generates unique ideas that push the boundaries of conventional approaches. Her relentless drive to move beyond the status quo sets her apart, making each project a canvas for innovative and vibrant expression.

Her good-nature, imagination and steady focus make her a creative force, turning ideas into extraordinary visual experiences that captivate and resonate.

Hobbies: Travel. Photography. Videography. Wine Tasting. Twirling.

Tim Snow

Multimedia Specialist

Armed with a sharp eye for video editing, Tim turns event moments into cinematic experiences that’ll have you hitting ‘replay’! Tim possesses a keen artistic eye, effortlessly translating concepts into visually absorbing stories. His proficiency in cutting-edge editing tools is complemented by an innate understanding of pacing, rhythm, and storytelling. Above all, he thrives on creativity, embracing challenges as opportunities to elevate content and leave an indelible mark on the viewer.

He isn’t afraid to dive into the 3D realm, crafting mind-blowing renderings that bring ideas to life in technicolor. Tim wears many hats, ensuring your event features stunning and immersive visuals.

Hobbies: Music. Lego. Video Games. Movies. Crafting. Freezing Ted’s Cat in Carbonite.

Ted Acree

Multimedia Specialist

As a seasoned audiovisual expert and accomplished video editor, Ted brings a wealth of expertise to our media team. Dedicated to supporting immersive and flawless events, he has an intuitive knack for swiftly identifying and resolving any A/V challenges that may arise, ensuring seamless experiences for all.

Beyond his technical prowess, Ted is known for his big heart and willingness to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed. His commitment to delivering unparalleled event experiences is matched only by his enthusiasm for collaborative teamwork.

Hobbies: Video Games. Cats. Movies. Music. Cars. Bubble-Wrap-Popping.

Sami Foster

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Enter Sami Foster, the vibrant creative force at the heart of our design team. Sami infuses every project with a dynamic blend of creativity, expertise, and a passion for crafting innovative and unique design solutions. Consistently providing fresh designs and engaging content, Sami’s designs always deliver.

Sami’s knack for turning complex ideas into visually compelling presentations is a testament to her talent and knowledge of her craft. Gifted, skilled, and endlessly creative, she is a storyteller and visual poet.

Hobbies: Art. Creative Writing. Cooking. Dungeons & Dragons. Singing Broadway Tunes at Full Volume in the Car.

Ryan Brekke

Sr. Designer & Media Accounts Manager

Ryan brings passion and an unbridled creativity to every project. With a wealth of experience, he has fine-tuned his skills in the art of media design and development. Ryan is a thoughtful creator who transforms ideas into impactful visual stories.

He thrives on collaboration and believes that the best designs are born from shared ideas and varying perspectives. His passion for creativity goes beyond the screen, and his work is a testament to the seamless blend of innovation and a keen eye for detail.

His creations regularly exceed expectations, as his projects reflect a perfect fusion of design and content.

Hobbies: Mountain Biking. Snowboarding. Drawing. Pillow Fort Architecture.

Angel Dunagan

Finance & Office Manager

Meet our numbers cruncher! With unwavering loyalty and dedication, Angel stands as the longest-serving member of The B2Group, having been by Ben’s side at the company’s inception. With a keen eye for numbers, Angel manages and juggles budgets, efficiently handles accounting tasks, and oversees office operations.

When not immersed in financial matters, Angel eagerly tackles special projects as assigned by the boss, showcasing her commitment and versatility as the company continues to expand.

Hobbies: International Travel. French Macaron Artistry. Home DIY. Raccoon Training.



We embrace the amazing synergy we have as a group! Working as a team amplifies our capabilities, elevating our overall performance. Together, we unlock more exciting possibilities that extend beyond our individual contributions.

Having Fun

We take fun seriously! We believe that when we have a blast creating, the magic happens. Join us on an exhilarating journey where work feels like play and the results speak for themselves!

Self Starting

We have an entrepreneurial mindset where every team member embraces ownership of each project, from inception to fruition. We believe in empowering our team to lead the charge, turning ideas into reality with passion and accountability.

Celebrate Creativity

We value a culture where every idea is embraced, every innovation is applauded, and the celebration of creativity knows no bounds.


We're all about that creative synergy! We thrive on collaboration like a perfectly orchestrated dance routine. Our team, clients, and partners join forces, bringing diverse talents and ideas together, to create jaw-dropping productions that leave everyone cheering for an encore.

Work Hard Play Hard

Late nights, early mornings, and long design sprints deserve strong drinks and good company. We value hard work and celebrate it accordingly. Cheers to the moments that make it all worthwhile!

Always be Learning

Embrace the power of daily growth! We strive to expand our knowledge by 1% each day. It's a fundamental part of our daily routine, where we dedicate time to reading, training, and cultivating new skills. By committing to this ongoing pursuit of learning, we unlock endless possibilities and continuously evolve.


Diversity is our secret ingredient for exceptional storytelling! We celebrate differences and embrace the vibrant mosaic of humanity. Our diverse team crafts media that reflects the world's richness, sparking connections and inspiring hearts.

Stay Humble

We fearlessly champion our beliefs, but ego never steals the spotlight. We understand that growth thrives on feedback. We welcome perspectives from both our talented team members and cherished clients, fostering a culture were collaboration and continuous improvement reign supreme.

Create WOW!

We live and breathe for those jaw-dropping WOW moments. From our actions and client interactions to every single project we undertake, our sole mission is to craft unforgettable experiences that will leave a lasting impression.


Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself!



We believe in the power of giving back to the community that shapes us. Through our initiative ‘B2 Gives Back,’ we dedicate our time, money, and resources every other month to make a positive impact on local organizations.

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