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We are kind-hearted, hard working, team players to the core

The B2Group delivers transformational experiences through corporate events, digital media, event, and product marketing. Our approach to creative problem-solving results in corporate events and media marketing pieces that radiate return on investment (ROI). By analyzing our client’s brand and audience, we have acquired a proven track record of delivering quality products targeted directly at the intersection of where hearts and minds meet.

In short, we are the creators of corporate events, digital media, and meetings that energize, inspire and completely rock your world. We’re masters of whatever it takes to find your audience’s unique sweet spot!

Meet the family

Around here we’re a tight knit group so we’ve carefully chosen some very smart people who are big on having fun and not taking themselves too serious. Big resumes without big heads. We have people who were around when hashtags were just pound signs and others who epitomize the word “millennial”. We have idea people, detail people, some young and some wise, but each original! We choose our work family wisely and never stop challenging each other. So here’s a little bit more about us, just the highlights of course…

Ben Brownback


Ben Brownback is a native of Palatine, IL, a graduate from the University of Illinois, and the Chief Executive Officer of The B2Group: Corporate Event Planning, Media Communications, and Videography Agency in Las Vegas! Ben works as an Executive Producer with clients like Stryker, PepsiCo, Harrah's, McDonald's, Wendy's and ADCOLOR. When Ben isn't busy being the fearless leader of The B2 Team, he enjoys eating pizza, playing piano and spending time with his daughter.

Hannah Fraser

Director of Live Events

Hannah is a Las Vegas native and graduate of the University of Nevada Las Vegas Hospitality Management School with a focus in Event Management. She's what we like to call our ``catch all`` employee and fills a plethora of event and media roles! Most recently she's worked on large events like the Presidential Debate in Las Vegas, BlizzCon, Stryker and Ernst & Young. Whatever your crazy request might be, Hannah is the girl you want to talk to, she turns your dreams into reality!

Ryley Dacome

Graphic Designer

Ryley graduated from the Art Institute of Las Vegas with a degree in graphic design and shortly after started her career in the fashion industry, creating designs for clothing companies. Ryley uses design to engage, empower and educate across print, screen and space. She's a third generation Las Vegas native that loves yoga, dogs, sports, traveling and hanging out at the golf course on weekends!

Orin Herndon

Technical Director

Responsible for operations management, logistics and event technology, Orin ensures the utmost in client and hotel partner satisfaction and cost containment. Orin plays a key role in directing setup and operation of A/V systems for live events. In his free time, you’ll find him tinkering around the office ensuring we’re a well-oiled machine, setting booby traps for unwanted critters and really just being super helpful to everyone all of the time!

Laurie Lee

Sales Manager

Another Las Vegas native, Laurie plays an essential role in developing and maintaining strategic partnerships, acquiring new clients, ensuring brand identity and working with the team in responding to requests for quotes, proposals and special projects. Laurie’s 28 years in high-tech sales and marketing provides a solid foundation that pairs nicely with her consultative and service-oriented approach to client solutions. When she’s not preaching about why we’re the best in the biz, you’ll find her taking her dog to Starbucks, touring model homes for fun or checking out the newest coffee spot in town!

Sami Foster

Graphic Designer

Vegas born and raised, Samantha is a UNLV grad with two BAs in Graphic Design and Film. She is a nerd for color theory, which is evident in her designs. In her free-time, Samantha loves to create illustrations for the stories she’s writing, play games with friends, and watch Vegas Golden Knights games with her family. She’s also a huge Disney-nerd, and when she’s not planning her next Disneyland trip, she’s watching her favorite animated Disney films and brushing up on her trivia.

Angel Dunagan

Accounts Manager

Angel is the numerical backbone of the B2group. As credit manager, Angel keeps track of all internal expenditures and outgoing invoices. As well as handling payroll for full-time and our roster of freelance personnel. Angel makes sure it all adds up at the end of the day...and if it doesn't, watch out!

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