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We are kind-hearted, hard working, team players to the core

The B2Group delivers transformational experiences through corporate events, digital media, event, and product marketing. Our approach to creative problem-solving results in corporate events and media marketing pieces that radiate return on investment (ROI). By analyzing our client’s brand and audience, we have acquired a proven track record of delivering quality products targeted directly at the intersection of where hearts and minds meet.

In short, we are the creators of corporate events, digital media, and meetings that energize, inspire and completely rock your world. We’re masters of whatever it takes to find your audience’s unique sweet spot!

Meet the family

Around here we’re a tight knit group so we’ve carefully chosen some very smart people who are big on having fun and not taking themselves too seriously. Big resumes without big heads. We have people who were around when hashtags were just pound signs and others who epitomize the word “millennial”. We have idea people, detail people, some young and some wise, but each original! We choose our work family wisely and never stop challenging each other. So here’s a little bit more about us, just the highlights of course…

Ben Brownback


Bossman Ben Brownback is right at home listening to 1980s jams on his Walkman – with a cigar in one hand and an Old Fashioned in the other, he’s quite the multitasker! He’s the proud father of one young lady tween. Ben’s passions include The B2Group, family, friendships, travel, Rom Coms, and The Golden Knights. Not sure what kind of mood the boss is in today? Just check his mood ring first!

Hannah Fraser

Vice President

Homegirl Hannah loves to chill to Ed Sheeran on her boom box, she says he’s bad (that’s good in ‘80s Speak’ - come on, dudes and dudettes, keep up!). She does aerobics to Sir Mixalot, and she’s dope at decorating her totally awesome crib. She loves holidays, chocolate, doing crafts with her two little girls and a great flick. Her opinion of seafood? “Ick!” says Hannah, “Gag me with a spoon!” (Yeesh, Hannah! Take a chill pill!)

Ryley Dacome

Account Executive

Ryley has a passion for fashion, though she’d trade in her party toga for yoga pants! With the soul of an artist and the heart of a supermom (she has two rugrats - boys), she’s too legit to quit! Our Homey Dacome* is always jonesing for tacos…and the spicier they are, the happier (and sweatier) she is! Not kidding…check out her reel!

*See how we did that? Now you know how to pronounce her last name.

Kristen Robertson

Account Executive

Our sweet Kristen loves holidays - especially the magic of Christmas! But hold on to your calculator watches, that’s not even her fave holiday! Kristen wants her July birthday to become an International Holiday. The entire month is “YAY-ME Month” for Kristen! She loves geeking out to Olympic Figure Skating and aspires to be a Crazy Cat Lady one day (she’s straight up giddy over those floofy things). Married in South Africa, she has two ankle-biters (boys), loves country music and vegging out on the couch with her hubby watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette. Her pet peeve? “Anyone that chews loudly and/or with their mouth open is a royal dufus!” says Kristen.

Tim Snow

Multimedia Specialist

Tim is no poser. This headbanger has a passion for music, media arts and making/watching movies. He’s stoked watching the Steelers or Princess Bride. Tim is a musical virtuoso; his talents include playing guitar, ukulele, piano, flute, bass guitar, drums and the Theremin. (*Whew!*) He creates voiceovers, 3D animation, video editing and motion graphics for B2G like a boss. No duh! With the heart of a lion, the majestic beard of a Viking, and a signature snicker always just under the surface, his words to live by are: “Party on dudes and be excellent to each other”.

Most outstanding, Tim!

Ted Acree

Multimedia Specialist

Ted can break dance AND play bass guitar at the same time! (He told us to write that – he can’t.) Always happy and laughing at himself (or to himself), his likeable nature is light-hearted and fun. Foodie that he is, he’ll scarf out on anything but onions…he thinks those are grody (thanks for ruining his taste buds, evil pandemic!) His Dungeons and Dragons skillz will make you look like a dweeb. Check out his infomercial…don’t fight over the last available The Ted, or you just might hear him yell (in his wee voice): “The Demogorgon is tired of your silly human bickering!”

Don’t delay! Act now!

Erika Ueno

Multimedia Specialist

Hailing from the Land of the Rising Sun, Erika is our most excellent video diva. As our soft-spoken and talented B2G Shutterbug, she loves snapping pics of random peeps the most. She’s psyched when she’s behind the camera or doing video post-production (Hellooo, McFLYYY, who do you think edited these righteous videos?). Her perfectly boopable Maltese, Simon, thinks she’s a master chef. Ask our Epicurious Erika what goes best with a cup of coffee, and she’ll tell you: “Another cup.”


Samantha Foster

Graphic Designer

Sami told us she can do a double 360 spin on her roller skates, and we were like –
“as if”! Then she nailed it! Sami’s got mad skillz! Speaking of mad skillz, Sami is gifted – her illustration, character design, graphic arts and writing talents are off the hook. For Sami, family means the world (high fives, Sami!), her new hubby is her Prince Charming, and everything Disney is totally awesome! For Sami, Beauty and the Beast is the raddest of all Disney stories.

Angel Dunagan

Finance/Office Manager

Our Angel is a creature of habit – she has been with the B2G the longest! Watch her rap about her daughter, and those tranquil green eyes will sparkle like a 1980s disco ball! She has two rescue boxers, Lovey and Louie - their favorite snacks are peanut butter, cheese slices, and the couch. Her fave color is black – her husband knows this and sends her bouquets of black roses (swoon). She’s the one in charge of the numbers at the B2G, so don’t go over-spend or you’ll hear her wigging out, banging away on the calculator, mumbling “Who’s the hoser that went over budget?!” (Where’s an invisibility cloak when you need one!)

Laurie Lee

Business Development

Laurie can often be found in a yoga studio that’s like, totally, scorchingly hot, humid and packed with yoga peeps. Gnarly! This rover has wandered to the other side of the world more than once and loves chillin’ out on a totally awesome beach with fresh shellfish nearby (like, omigod, yum!). Her fave car is the DeLorean, with or without the flux capacitor, and she has two sweet pit bulls, Kate and LeeLoo: “My goal in life is to be as good a person as my pit bulls already think I am!” Cool beans.

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