High Fivable Event Successes

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High Fivable Event Successes

The high five, sometimes referred to as “the original ‘Like’ button”, captures the sheer joy and exhilaration of a job well done. It’s that rush of adrenaline when a client high fives us, confirming that we’ve hit the corporate event-planning or media production bullseye. And it’s not just about our clients; there are moments when our technical director earns a well-deserved high five too, celebrating those electrifying “WOW” moments we created together.

From the meticulous planning to the unexpected plot twists, every event we craft is a rollercoaster ride, brimming with anticipation and those epic high fivable moments. These are the times when creativity collides with reality, reminding us why we’re in the business of making memories. Well-planned corporate events are a culmination of months of planning, hard work, and collaboration – but unique and impactful ideas can set it apart, creating a memorable experience for your attendees.

Good ideas are common - what's uncommon are people who'll work hard enough to bring them about.

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When the final curtain falls and the last guest leaves, it’s natural to breathe a sigh of relief. In this blog, we’ll explore the great experiences and decisions that you’ll be happy you made, and how your production partner can play a significant role in this journey.

Here are some examples of ideas that have resulted in event successes:

Captivating Content That Lives On

The primary objective of most corporate events is to engage and educate attendees. It’s no surprise that this can be achieved through captivating presentations and interactive content. After the event has ended, you’ll be delighted by the decision to record these sessions. By doing so, you allow your audience to revisit and share the knowledge presented during the event.

One shining example of this was our recommendation to create a virtual library for all recorded sessions and make them available to attendees post-event. This extended the event’s reach and value, providing attendees with an ongoing resource for learning and reference. It was a brilliant idea that left a lasting impact on the audience and solidified their decision to hire a professional production and media agency.

Signage That Delivers

In the fast-paced world of event planning, one can often find themselves grappling with the logistical challenges of printed signage—designing, printing, shipping, assembling, and the set-up that follows.

Our team’s innovative suggestion to switch from traditional, static signs to dynamic digital displays completely transformed the presentation of client signage. Not only did it save them time and resources, but it also opened up a realm of creative possibilities. With a few clicks, we could update event information, display engaging visuals, and even incorporate interactive elements, all in real-time. The transition to digital signage was not just a convenience but a leap into a more flexible, eco-friendly, and captivating future for the client’s events. Workshop room change, no problem. Click, click, and done – no sign schlepping! Digital signage has become an indispensable tool in our clients’ event planning arsenal.

Seating Simplified

Picture a grand ballroom, elegantly set for a large awards event with dinner being served during the program. Attendees begin to arrive, anticipation in the air. However, chaos unfolds as hundreds of people gather at the entrance, scrambling to get at the list of their assigned tables. I don’t know about you, but the last thing I’d want to be doing at this event is still trying to figure out where I should be sitting while the first course has been served and the wine has been corked.

Anticipating this, we suggested a game-changer—placing seating charts on large monitors at and near the entrance. The seating chart was thoughtfully designed to incorporate the client’s branding, adding a personal touch. This idea not only alleviated the usual bottleneck of guests at the entrance, but it also offered immense flexibility. Last-minute changes to table arrangements became a breeze, ensuring a smooth and stress-free seating experience. No more squinting at paper charts, no more confusion; no more stale first course with warm wine…just a seamless, tech-savvy solution that transformed the moment. This has since become an indispensable asset for our clients.


In the midst of an event, you may have a captivating moment that underscores the fine line between seamless coordination and potential chaos. As the audience holds its collective breath, multiple cues ensue – and the slightest misstep could disrupt the magic. There are dramatic lighting changes, performers awaiting their cues, a speaker transitioning to a video, and the music reaching its high point – the room hangs in the balance of perfect alignment and potential chaos!

So. Much. Can. Go. Wrong.

In these moments, we often witness the awe-inspiring power of teamwork and flawless execution, serving as a stark reminder of just how important it is to have an experienced and skillful production partner on your side.

For example, as a recent corporate event we were producing reached its finale, an intricate web of choreography unfolded, demanding perfect synchronization. The hushed anticipation in the audience was mirrored behind the scenes, where a complex performance was about to take shape…

The moment called for a flawless execution of several elements: the Kabuki drop, mesmerizing fire dancers, dramatic music and lighting, projection changes, and speaker cues for a seamless video transition. This intricate dance (pun intended) of timing, planning, and technical precision elevated the finale to a breathtaking crescendo of entertainment, leaving the audience in awe.

Done, done, and done…cue the high fives.

Assembly Required?

Receiving and assembling event packets or giveaways for attendees can be quite the whirlwind. Boxes start arriving, and you’ve got product materials, swag items, name tags, and more, all arriving at once.

The challenge lies in ensuring that each packet is not just complete but also perfectly assembled. There’s a meticulous checklist to follow, making sure that the right product materials are in the right packets, the name tags are accurate, and the swag items are well-presented.

Last-minute additions or changes can throw a curveball, and the clock is always ticking. It’s a puzzle to keep everything organized and in the right order. It’s the kind of task where attention to detail is paramount, and every packet counts…and oh by the way, there’s an entire program just around the corner with many other details and interruptions that you’ll be juggling.

Here’s the silver lining: your production partner should be able to tackle the entire receiving and assembling process for you! If planned in advance, they can even take it a step further by bringing the packets to the event or shipping them to the venue. This takes the logistical hassle off your plate and lets you focus on the event’s core elements, knowing that the intricate details are expertly managed. It transforms what could be a potential mess into a well-coordinated and stress-free event preparation.

Client Dreams, Event Realities

In the fast-paced world of event planning, sometimes clients spring a surprise request that’s nothing short of far-fetched, and it often happens when time is running out. These last-minute curveballs can range from outlandish themes to inexpected video projects or networking ideas to elaborate interactive installations, and as event and media producers, your production/media partners should not be strangers to the challenge they bring.

At the B2Group, it’s in these unexpected moments that our creativity shines, and we can proudly prove that extraordinary is our norm! We’ve learned that when clients dare to dream big, it’s our job to rise to the occasion. Curveball, schmerve-ball! Far-fetched ideas have a way of sparking innovation, pushing us to think outside the box, and ultimately leading to some of the most memorable and magical moments we have delivered at events. It’s in the face of the seemingly impossible that your production team can discover just how limitless the world of event planning can truly be.

In Conclusion

Cheers to those high fivable moments, because clearly, as event and media producers, we just live for them! In our ever-shifting project plans during event production, these moments aren’t just ordinary, they’re like receiving a gold star for adulting. So go ahead and turn the heavy lifting over to your production partner…just make sure they have a free hand for that high five!