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Fit to Succeed: Exploring Corporate Wellness Initiatives

At The B2Group, we work hard to always be at our best, and to serve our clients with commitment and excellence. When we’re feeling good, both mentally and physically, we can serve with energy, heightened productivity, and a clear head. After all, if we’re not there for ourselves, our loved ones, and for one another at work, how can we possibly be there for our clients?

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

Founder of Virgin Records

A healthy team is also a resilient team, capable of navigating challenges and providing the innovative solutions our clients have come to rely on!

Thankfully, in today’s corporate world, employee well-being has evolved beyond traditional healthcare benefits. Forward-thinking organizations are realizing that their teams may require some extra TLC and encouragement towards good health.

Let’s jump into some corporate wellness initiatives, including our own approach at The B2Group.

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate Wellness refers to programs implemented by companies to promote the health and well-being of their employees. These programs are designed to support employees in achieving and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional health, both inside and outside the workplace. Corporate wellness programs often include a range of activities and benefits such as fitness challenges, nutrition counseling, mental health resources, access to gym facilities, and incentives for healthy behaviors.

The goal of corporate wellness is to create a work environment that prioritizes employee health, reduces absenteeism, improves productivity, enhances morale, and promotes a culture of positive vibes and engagement.

Why a Wellness Program at Work?

A wellness program shows a company’s true commitment to its most valuable asset: its people! They can have significant benefits in reducing sick time among employees.

Prevention of Illness: When you go to a restaurant, do you look for a yummy shot of cough syrup on the menu? I didn’t think so! You’ll probably agree then that preventing illness is a good idea. Wellness programs often focus on promoting healthy behaviors such as regular exercise, good nutrition, stress management, and preventive screenings. By encouraging employees to adopt healthier lifestyles, these programs can help prevent chronic diseases and illnesses, reducing the likelihood of employees needing to take sick days.

Boosted Immune Systems: Regular exercise and a balanced diet are known to strengthen the immune system. Employees who participate in corporate wellness programs are likely to have stronger immune systems, making them less susceptible to common illnesses such as colds and flu. This might mean fewer days spent battling those annoying sniffles and sneezes.

Improved Mental Health: Many wellness programs include initiatives aimed at promoting mental well-being, such as mindfulness sessions, stress management workshops, and access to counseling services. By promoting mental health and reducing stress, these programs can make you happy as a clam at high tide! They’ll help prevent burnout, anxiety, and depression, all of which can contribute to increased sick leave.

Faster Recovery: For employees who do become ill or injured, being healthier can facilitate faster recovery times. Employees who are physically fit are often able to bounce back more quickly from illness or injury, so they can get back to their vibrant selves and return to work before someone turns their office into a hot yoga room!

Increased Morale and Engagement: Corporate wellness programs show employees that their bosses are not just about the bottom line – they’re also big fans of good vibes and healthy living! When employees feel supported and valued, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated in their work.

Examples in Corporate Wellness

Google’s Holistic Wellness Programs: Google’s commitment to employee well-being goes beyond the standard perks. From mindfulness and meditation sessions to comprehensive healthcare coverage, Google prioritizes mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Their campus features fitness centers, healthy dining options, and recreational facilities, encouraging employees to prioritize their health in and out of the office.

AmaZen Booths: As part of the “WorkingWell program” at Amazon, the company provides tiny booths in some of their warehouses where employees can escape the madness and watch company videos about mindfulness, follow guided meditations/positive affirmations and view calming while a quiet breeze flows through the booth. 

Zappos ZigZags Past Zen: Known for its unique company culture, Zappos goes the extra mile to support employee well-being. The online retailer offers on-site fitness classes, wellness challenges, and incentives for maintaining an active lifestyle. Zappos also promotes work-life balance through flexible scheduling and telecommuting options.

May the Salesforce Be with You: Salesforce places a strong emphasis on employee well-being and offers a range of initiatives to support good health at work. These include mindfulness and wellness programs to help employees manage stress through meditation sessions, yoga classes, and stress management workshops. They also promote physical activity through fitness challenges, gym memberships, and on-site exercise classes. Healthy eating options are provided in cafeterias and snack bars, complemented by nutrition education resources.

Mental health support services, including counseling and therapy sessions, are available, along with mental health awareness training to reduce stigma. Additionally, Salesforce recognizes the importance of work-life balance, offering flexible work arrangements, paid time off, and sabbatical programs to encourage employees to prioritize personal well-being.

“A good program, this is,” as Yoda would say.

The B2Group Troupe's Initiatives

At The B2Group, we also recognize that a healthy workforce is vital to our success. Rather than a “Corporate Wellness” program, we consider it to be more of a “Healthy Living” initiative! That’s why we’ve implemented a range of creative wellness initiatives designed to inspire and support our team members, whether in or out of the office.

Culture Crew: We support one another throughout the week in sparking a workplace vibe that’s as lively every day as a Friday afternoon. The Healthy Living program is not just about avoiding sick days; it’s about creating a workplace where everyone feels like they’re part of a team that’s got their back. While planning corporate events and media projects, we’re working to support each other in leading happier, healthier lives in our commitment to a thriving, dynamic workplace culture.

To keep the positive energy going, the B2G’s Book Club dived into the book: The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel Coyle. This book helped the team understand the role of vulnerability in working together, creating an environment where they feel connected and aligned with a shared mission.

Additionally, we’re always up for team-building activities, as management and team leaders promote an environment of open doors and open minds, also cultivating an atmosphere of support, inclusivity, respect, and encouragement. We celebrate milestones, provide ample learning opportunities for continuous growth, and promote work-life balance to prevent burnout and stress.

Nutrition Revolution: The boss has supported healthy eating at the office, waving goodbye to sugary snacks and soft drinks, opting instead for nutritious alternatives for fuel. Our office pantry is now stocked with more wholesome options to keep our team energized throughout the day and beverages in the fridge that include water, Kombucha and low-sugar protein drinks.

Fitness Funding: Our Founder, Ben Brownback, leads by example by staying diligent with his weight-lifting and cardio routine, and supports our fitness efforts by contributing to gym or exercise studio memberships. This commitment extends beyond mere financial support; if a team member stops working out, the boss may call you in his office for a friendly little chat! Ultimately, his goal is to give you the extra push you may need to hop back on that exercise bike!

Active Workstations: Move over, desk potato. To combat the sedentary nature of office work, some of our team members have embraced active workstations. Whether at a standing desk, walking on treadmills or pedaling while sitting at their desks, we’ve found innovative ways to integrate movement into our daily routines while performing event planning and media production tasks.

Community and Company Fitness Adventures: We believe that wellness is more enjoyable when shared with others. That’s why we organize group fitness activities, such as charity run/walk events, adventures like flying trapeze sessions at the Las Vegas Cirque Center, or just taking brisk walks around the office park.

Hang on a minute…do you hear the song “Jump!” by Kriss Kross, floating from behind the warehouse? If you wander back there, you might find a few team members skipping rope! Hey, who needs water cooler gossip?

Winner, Winner, Cottage Cheese Dinner!

Since 2021, Ben has spearheaded the “Wellness Challenge 20XX,” a transformative journey focused on body fat loss and overall well-being for his team, friends, and associates. Participants pay a nominal fee to join, with the opportunity to win back their investment and share the pot with fellow “losers” who achieve significant progress. This challenge not only promotes healthy competition but also creates a supportive community of individuals committed to growth. Side benefit! The fast-paced team at The B2G is now more “aerodynamic”, better serving our clients.</span>

Our lighthearted approach to wellness reminds us that achieving health goals should be fun and sustainable. By prioritizing employee well-being, we’re not only boosting productivity but also creating an open culture of connection, fun, vitality, and resilience.

In Conclusion

Company wellness programs reflect a company’s commitment to its people. Whether it’s through comprehensive programs like those at Google and Salesforce or custom initiatives like those at The B2Group, companies are realizing that investing in employee well-being yields dividends that extend far beyond the bottom line.

Together, let’s all continue to champion wellness at work and empower our teams to thrive, both professionally and personally! As Richard Branson also said: “Screw it, let’s do it!”.