Project Overview

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the live event landscape faced unprecedented disruption, leaving organizations grappling with the challenge of maintaining connectivity and engagement in a virtual environment. Even as 2022 unfolded, the lingering effects of the pandemic continued to shape industry practices. With concerns mounting over the potential resurgence of new variants, Mattel, a leader in the entertainment and toy industry, made the strategic decision to transition their highly anticipated Analyst Day from a traditional in-person format to a virtual broadcast.


Services Provided:

  • Virtual Event Production
  • Video Shooting
  • Video Editing
  • Live Streaming
  • PPT Presentation Design

PowerPoint Design

The presentations for this virtual event held significant weight as Mattel aimed to communicate the future trajectory of their products and brand to their stakeholders. Recognizing the critical importance of each slide, we collaborated closely with the Mattel team to meticulously dissect the content, ensuring its accuracy and visual appeal for the online audience. Through this concerted effort, we not only upheld the integrity of their messaging but also enhanced its impact, facilitating clear and engaging communication of Mattel's strategic vision and initiatives.

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Live Stream

During strategic discussions with the client, it became evident that a pre-produced video format would offer the most effective live stream strategy for Mattel's Investor Day event. This approach allowed for precise scheduling and seamless delivery to the audience. Over the course of several weeks, we collaborated closely with the Mattel team to film all executive presentations. Subsequently, our dedicated team of producers and editors meticulously crafted each segment into a cohesive and polished broadcast. Through careful planning and execution, we ensured that the final product was not only neatly organized but also highly digestible, maximizing engagement and impact for Mattel's stakeholders.