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How many people attended virtually: 300+ | How many people attended in-person: 25

At the apex of pandemic in Las Vegas, our client knew that an in-person meeting wasn’t feasible for this year’s award show, but they also knew they had a handful of guests that needed to attend in person to accept their awards. That’s where we came in! With the stadium already booked for a full live event production, we presented them with the idea of creating a mini hybrid event on the Coors Light Landing at Allegiant Stadium here in Las Vegas, Nevada.


We partnered with Allegiant Stadium to host the first ever virtual event to stream from this venue. We decided on a small stage, socially distanced podiums and LED screens to display the broadcast locally to the in-person attendees. The broadcast feed was encoded and streamed to Vimeo which was then embedded in their customized website landing page. The special award winners were invited to attend in person with a significant other and were placed at physically distanced, individual tables.

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Virtual Broadcast System

Working with our virtual broadcast system, our client was able to deliver their audience a high-quality, live-event production, as a broadcast-level, live virtual-production . . . all while their attendees participated from the comfort and safety of their own homes. In addition to the virtual live elements, pre-recorded elements were combined them with the live broadcast. This broadcast was then displayed in the arena to the in-person attendees to create a true hybrid event tailored to the needs of both the live and virtual attendees.

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Hybrid Virtual Broadcast

Working in an arena for a traditional event has its challenges, and producing a hybrid, virtual broadcast has even more.  The venue worked with us on using existing jumbotrons and LED ribbons, to create the environmental design for our broadcast.  Using the field, and the beautiful new stadium as our backdrop, and by creating content that played on these existing screens, gave us the perfect feel for the broadcast.

Post event, we helped them track attendance, ROI and surveys on the guest experience that confirmed the event was indeed a success!

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B2Group has been an incredible partner to work with on multiple corporate in-person, virtual and hybrid event programs. Most recently I worked with B2Group on an event located in Nevada and by utilizing B2Groups expertise- it was seamless for all parties involved. Pivoting events from in person to virtual (and in some cases- hybrid) takes innovative partners to produce an exceptional experience, both for the attendee and viewer. B2Group brings first class solutions to the table time and time again.

Sara Brown, Client

National Virtual Event Agency

The B2Group partnered with Cox to think creatively and plan a virtual hybrid event during the middle of the pandemic. We worked with our client to safely interview special award winners and created a safe environment where they could present awards to a live and virtual audience. We’re problem solvers at The B2G and ready to help you navigate the best way to hold your upcoming events!

If you would like to know more about corporate event planning, Las Vegas video production services, and product or event marketing from the B2 Group, contact us today!

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  • Event Planning
  • Site Planning
  • Audio Visual
  • Event Production
  • Script Writing
  • Cinematography
  • Virtual Event Production
  • Hybrid Event Production
  • Virtual Event Broadcasting
  • Video Editing
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