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How many people attended virtually: 500+

Early in the pandemic our client at HUNT Real Estate ERA saw that their 2021 annual in-person awards program was likely to be cancelled. They began shopping for virtual event solutions and stumbled across our website. After our initial conversation, they were excited about the fact that the virtual events we produce aren’t based on a particular platform but are instead a combination of live-event tools used to create a truly customizable virtual event experience that they could tailor to their own needs.


HUNT Real Estate ERA typically does four events per year, grouped by their different regions. After looking at the number of awards per region, and what they were trying to accomplish, we collaborated them on the idea of combining all regions into one pre-recorded awards show.  Originally, we were going to record them virtually, but decided an in-person recording session against green screen would give us the most flexibility in post, to give them a polished, broadcast-quality program. They were sold on this vision and we headed to Buffalo, NY for a day to pre-record the presenters and executives!

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Back in our Las Vegas studio, we wrote the show script and hired a celebrity host, Jaymes Vaughan, to film all introductions and segues. Our team worked closely with the client to assemble a full show, recorded in 4K, as one fully polished video that we encoded and broadcast to Zoom.  

We worked with our client to script elements into the show that gave fun, call to actions for social media posting and prizes during the event and were thrilled to celebrate the positive feedback and ROI they received in our virtual plus delta meeting.

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National Virtual Event Agency

The B2Group filmed and pieced together this virtual event from start to finish. We helped our client with script writing, filming, conducting interviews, video concepting, video editing and broadcasting this virtual event.

If you would like to know more about virtual events give us a call!

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Services Provided
  • Cinematography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Project Ideation
  • Script Writing
  • Virtual Event Broadcasting
  • Video Editing
  • Post-Production
  • Color Grading
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